Photos from inside the mine

Cova dos Mouros Mine History*

*The mine is not open to public, because it is the refuge of an endangered specie of bats

The Ferrarias Mine extractive activity has ocorred on the second half of the XIX century having being required on 1868 by Joćo Teixeira an authorization for a copper mine designated, at the time, by Cova do Mouros, on a reference to the ancient mining labor by Muslim people( Gomes 1874, Lima 1890).

Until about 1890 the labor was done on galleries along two veins (fissure areas filled with Calcopirite) with a total length of 240m(Caeira) and 130m(Romeirosa), distributed among 5 floors situated on the quota(m) 162,152,137,125 and 112, the last one is localised at about 90 m deep.

Through the Malacate Shaft(Romeirosa) the exploration products were drained by the main transversal gallery

Through the analysis of the available documentation we conclude that the Ferrarias Mine exploration had the attendance by the Manson & Barry engineers (S.Domingos Mine representative) on 1930 was made an unsuccessful attempt to restart the mine activity on Cova dos Mouros(Lima 1930).